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Relentless Strength Training - Fat Loss Bangor - Sports Performance BangorWhere do you think the term “Coach” comes from?  I’ll tell you.  A coach is a vehicle that will take you from one point to another, as in a “stagecoach”.  It also applies to those who help others go from one point to another.

That’s what we do at Relentless, the premier personal training, athletic development, and adult performance/transformation center in Bangor, Maine.

When it comes to strength training, personal training, fat loss, performance training, and overall fitness this industry is famous for blasting you with 1000 shiny, confusing, and often contradictory tools, methods, and “rules” that promise to be the one thing that will get you the results you want.

The truth of the matter is that even if you were on the perfect plan, it’s hard to navigate the twists and turns of the road by yourself.  That’s were we come in.  We’re your experienced, educated, and well-equipped guides on this journey.  We’ve been down the roads your going with hundreds of athletes and regular people, just like you, and taken them to levels of success they never envisioned.  All of our coaches have been competitive athletes as well and can speak from experience.

At Relentless we value:

Personal Training Gym Bangor MaineSmart Programming:  You will go through our individualized evaluation, in which we’ll see where you’re currently at before creating a program specific for your needs.  You aren’t a square peg to be forced into a round hole here.  The exercise sessions will be designed to get you to your goals in the smoothest, most efficient, and least stressful way possible.

Applicable Nutrition:  There’s so much misinformation and fadism out there about nutrition.  We cut through all the BS for you while breaking nutrition down into simple, easy to follow, progressive steps.  This greatly reduces the stress of changing everything you’re used to and pushing you into a restrictive plan that sets you up to fail.  Instead we focus on simple action steps that lead you to success.

Coaching and Accountability:  We can take you to the goals you wish to achieve.  We’ve done it before with many, many student athletes and adults.  We provide the direction you need to cut away the inefficiency and stress as well as the check-ins and accountability to keep you on track.

Sports Performance Bangor MaineCommunity and Family:  Over the years we’ve discovered that one of the most important keys to success in both athlete training and fitness training is having a supportive, and at times competitive, social group to train with.  That’s why we train primarily in a semi-private format in which you’ll be on your own individual program but training with usually 4-6 other athletes.  This creates the fun, hard-working atmosphere that leads to success.

Education:  The final piece to the success puzzle is the education we provide.  From video to members-only seminars to articles to in-house discussions and consultations, we’re constantly seeking to teach you HOW your body works to empower you on your fitness journey.  This isn’t some blind, “black box”-style training program.  You are an active participant and you will learn how to take care of yourself as you progress.

Interested in joining the Relentless family?  Send an email to me today at Isaac -at-!

Fitness Training Bangor Maine“So I went to Isaac’s office. I said I wanted to run fast and triathlon again. I said I wanted to be a kick-ass rock climber. I described my limitations: I said that since my accidents, I’m distractible and forgetful. I’m easily confused. And I’m uncoordinated. He grinned and said, I can work with you, don’t worry.

He was right, I didn’t need to worry. Over just the past thirteen weeks, Isaac Wilkins has remade me into an athlete. I’m dead lifting, snatching, squatting, and doing power cleans. I’m dragging sleds, carrying sand bags, and climbing ropes. I’m running sprints, throwing medicine balls, and swinging kettlebells. On Isaac’s program, I’m leaner, stronger, more stable and coordinated than I’ve ever been. I ‘m crushing hills and banging out track intervals faster than I did before my accidents; and three weeks ago I cruised up a multi-pitch ascent in Clifton as though I’d been climbing for years. I can hardly wait to test myself on rock and on the road this summer!

Maybe more importantly, Isaac is remaking my mind as well as my body. He’s taught me that mental strength, as well as physical strength, is a skill. He’s taught me to train fierce, and to bring as much to every session as he does — never less than 100%. He’s taught me to substitute “I can” for “I can’t”. He’s taught me to confront challenges confidently; to focus on what I can control; and to leave what I can’t control outside the door when I come to work out. Isaac has shown me that the margins of body and mind are a function of attitude and will. He coaches me to push myself farther than I’ve ever gone, to find and deploy reserves of optimism, resilience, and resolve I never knew I had. Simply put, Isaac’s coaching has changed my life, inside and outside the gym.”

-Kathryn King
Hampden, ME

Interested in joining the Relentless family?  Send an email to me today at Isaac -at-!