What Is The Relentless Mindset?

relentless strength training bangor maineAt Relentless Strength Training we place equal weight on three key areas of focus:  Smart Training, Supportive Nutrition, and the Relentless Mindset.  If you only have one of these key areas in line you will probably experience only the bare minimum of success.  If you handle two of the three then chances are you’ll make enough progress to be noticeable.  However, in order to reach any sort of higher goal and to live life on your best terms you’ll need to embrace all three of these areas and throw in a dash of our fourth principle:  Kaizen (small, consistent improvement).

Today I want to focus on what I mean when I speak of the Relentless Mindset.  While I could just boil it down to “the focused and relentless pursuit of success”, I think it’s worth breaking it down a little further and seeing what makes the successful mindset training at Relentless tick.
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Why We Prioritize Strength

strength training bangor maine

That strength training clearly makes her bulky!

While we cover all facets of training at Relentless; Strength, Speed, Agility, Body Composition, Flexibility, Endurance, and so on, it’s clear that we emphasize strength as one of our primary areas of focus.  It is in our name, after all, but there’s a lot more thought behind it than that.  In my experience, training for strength gives us the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to gaining muscle, losing fat, or maximizing performance.

Think of training like a pyramid.  At the top you have very specific tasks and exercises.  These pyramid-topping movements and skills are very important, even crucial at times, for your sport or progress.  Think of skills like a basketball shot, specific martial arts technique, or a particularly needed rehab exercise.  These skills and exercises are very important and you should practice certainly them, but they don’t really translate into anything else. Read more »

What Is Supportive Nutrition?

Nutrition and Personal Training Bangor MaineOne of the four key points of the Relentless Success Pyramid (notice that all of the points are the same size?) is “Supportive Nutrition”.  When we talk about Supportive Nutrition, we’re not talking about a diet plan with massive avoidance of certain foods, although there are probably some things you should stay away from, nor is it some sort of short-term crash diet designed to shed pounds as fast as possible, although to drop fat you’re probably going to have to eat a little less.

What we are talking about is the nutrition principle that we believe that food should be utilized to in some way support your goals.  That’s it.  While we get into much deeper nutrition with some of our clients, for most people’s goals the lion’s share is going to be an appropriate amount of standard, healthy (but still should be tasty) fare.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your food; there’s even a place for less “health food”.  That place could be a bit of a mental reset or if you’re in a severe state of energy need.  Trust me, coming from someone who has tried to consume 1000g of carbohydrate from only healthy, complex, and fibrous sources in the past… don’t do that.  Just don’t.  For a quick gut check (pun intended), just ask yourself if the food you’re about to consume is going to take you closer or further from your goals.

Since everyone likes specifics, these are some of the basic guidelines we utilize for 99% of clients at Relentless.  The Supportive Nutrition Foundation Principles:
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Coaching Versus Personal Training

personal trainer bangor maineIn the fitness business there are a couple of terms that are thrown around interchangeably and I strongly feel that doing so is a mistake:  The terms I’m thinking of are:  “Trainer” and “Coach”

Trainers and coaches both work with clients in order to achieve a physical goal, that much is true.  However, I think the mindset behind their respective actions are very, very different.

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My Number One Method for Fat Loss and Athletic Success

Personal Training Bangor Maine - Fat Loss Bangor MaineThe longer I’m in the ‪fitness game the more and more I realize that ‪‎success‬ in ‪strength training‬, ‪‎weight loss‬, or ‪‎athletics‬ doesn’t really come some magic exercise, plan, pill, or powder.

It comes from doing the right, often small, things regularly and habitually.

Probably I’m not blowing your mind with the above statement.  If you’re like most of us (definitely myself included) your first instinct upon reading that is to nod along, say that you already knew that, and keep rolling.

But is that actually what you do when you want to change something in your life?  If you’re like me, and I bet you are, then instead of making those small, gradual changes you want to do something drastic.  You want to start a new, ass-kicking exercise program, cut your carbs down to zero, live off of salads, give up all liquids except clear water, start shoveling down all kinds of supplements with pictures of hot bodies on the label, and start planning your all-inclusive mountain retreat so that you can commune with a Yak.  THIS IS THE MOMENT AND YOU WANT IT NOW!
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