Our Programs

Our Programs

Semi-Private Programs:

Our semi-private programs are individually-programmed, which means that your workouts and overall program are created for you specifically.  Training is performed in small-groups which provides you with community support of like-minded individuals in a fun atmosphere.  It really is the best of both worlds from one-on-one personal training and group training!

All of our semi-private programs include homework programming for sessions where you are not at Relentless, full nutrition counseling, and a program-specific education system.

Unbreakable Program:  The Unbreakables are adults who are working on and increasing their level of fitness.  Just because you may not actually compete anymore doesn’t mean that you’re not an athlete!  This program will emphasize developing strength, body control, mobility, and the joint integrity you need to take your game to life, not the other way around.  If you have athletic goals or just want an active, strong life then this is the program for you!

Phoenix Program:  You’ve finally reached the point where you’re sick and tired of carrying all that extra weight.  You’ve tried to lose it before, only to be met with frustration.  Join our members who’ve lost 20, 50, 80, and 100 lbs and totally become reborn.  The Phoenix program focuses on easy-to-follow steps to tailor your nutrition and lifestyle towards fat loss, feeling healthy and energized again, and changing your life.  The workouts are designed in a progressive manner so that no matter where you start, you’ll build to success.

Champions Program:  This is our primary athlete development program.  If you want to step on top of the podium, run for 1000yd, or even simply go from JV to Varsity, this is the program for you.  Depending on your sport, we’ll use a variety of means to build speed, strength, endurance, and the Champions Mindset!

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Large Group Training Programs

Our large group training programs are fast-paced, conditioning programs to help you not only have fun, get in shape, and work up a sweat, but also develop in a planned, progressive system.  These aren’t some cookie-cutter, random, “boot camp”-style classes where you’re only being run around in circles and entertained, not trained.  Our large-group programs still provide accountability, progress tracking, and some individualization, all at a lower price point than our semi-private programs.  They also include an educational system designed to help you make progress OUTSIDE of the gym.

A membership to our Large Group Programs provides you UNLIMITED ACCESS to BOTH class types.

Metabolic Fitness Training (MFT):  MFT is a conditioning program similar to how we condition our athletes.  You’ll perform athletic movements, basic corrective exercises to help you feel more mobile and healthier, and rapidly drop fat in this program.

Kettleblitz (KB):  A fast-paced, high energy class based on the conditioning and athleticism of kettlebells!  You’ll learn basic to advanced kettlebell movements in a quick 30-minute class that will build strength and shed fat while not taking all day!

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